Mechanism of intolerance

We really are living in ridiculous time they’re need to be a serious mass awakening and stop to consent if we don’t want to wake up next month with no liberties left ,and this is why they’re so much lies in mainstream media the globalist want Trump out of the way so they can keep picking up at the last countries they want to bring the IMF to or federal banking so the whole world belong to them and then do whatever they want with us.

They have talk about this man created global warming coz they’re is too much co2 in the atmosphere and they’re rewriting books and studies that we have been collected since beginning of time coz they want us as slaves and they want us packed in little tiny boxes apartment the size of 2 1/2 parking space and take everyone piece of land coz by then it will be too late for us to come back to where it was in the before the depression of the 70’s.

Our politicians are not working for us anymore they haven’t work for the people in about 50 yrs in the U.S they are working for the big corporations and the central bank .All man are created equal and they shouldn’t be people starving and no clean water to drink while they’re is the 1% thriving with their billions picking at the rest of the world for ultimate tyranny and domination under a Luciferian one world religion which is worshiping the king of this world satan ,under one world government and have everyone chipped so that the money can become electronic banking instead so that they can control us even more if you think it’s bad now you better be ready cause it is going to be much more worst after they are done with America when all the country is going to get robbed by the super rich they want to take the middle class out so that they only is slaves and the elites ok who is going to take the decision of who gets to live out of the 95% that they want to exterminate. And this is why they are right now choosing who gets to live who ever can get all their nutrients from food will be only the elites cause right now the vaccination programs and the genetically modified organism being force on us easier by not label properly, we have chemicals sprayed on population at alarming amounts we got 400 times more aluminium in the ground then the safe levels that is only one of them but likely the worst damaging .  What is wrong with these pilots that are spraying their own children and friends and the rest of humanity and then there is the fluoride in the water supply to dumb us down further and make us sick to the point that we wont even know what will be killing us on a tube of toothpaste it says on it if u ingest get to ur physician cause it is enough to cause harmful consequences with only 1 quarter gram of toothpaste it known that some cities that in one 8oz glass of water they’re are just that amount and nothing is being done and it is illegal to dump it in the water supply that is genocide !

The death towers that being built 1 per mile square and all they need to do with them is switch them to max capacity which will literally microwave humans. Next we got codex alimentary that are irradiate all fruit and vegetable and grains this is doesn’t regards only for non organic it is for all fruits and vegetable and grains we got to take the time to do what is needed before its too late everything is dying, bees fish birds trees are dying….

All Man is created equal all have the right to life and to own property and to pursue of happiness the right to be a sovereign individual that makes decisions and to act upon them without to have the notion of tyrants taking these very last liberties they don’t care about American constitution and so to all other country that will be teared apart if we do not take a stand friends now or really shortly cause it wont be possible to resist in a few yrs and it is going to be our fault that we were more preoccupied with the football game or Facebook chatting then fighting for our freedom were at a very scary time but that does not mean that we got to chicken out and die.